Slot machine effect using jQuery

A cool widget that looks like a slot machine. Small piece of code and a nice trick to animate the numbers to achieve a slot machine effect.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011

In an yet another cart based web-app, the intention is to make the cart page looks fancier. Praveen Selvam came up with this idea of slot machine effect in the price section whenever an item been added.

Slot Machine Effect:


  • jQuery 1.5+


  • Create an element to display the animation.
  • Next create an empty element say
    and set its position: ‘fixed’
  • Set the position of the empty element to the Start Value of the slot.
  • Now use jQuery animate to move the empty element from Start value to the specified End Value in a given duration.
  • jQuery animate has a step() method which gives you the current position of the div for every unit of time.
  • Now inside this step() method set the display element’s text to the current position value of the empty element.
  • Since empty element moves from start value to end value, you will see the numbers changing from start value to end value in the display area.

Javascript Code:

$(‘#animate_btn’).click(function() { cashFlow($(‘.value’), $(‘#startVal’).val(), $(‘#endVal’).val(), $(‘#duration’).val() * 1000, $(‘#decimal’).val()); });

cashFlow = function(elem, from, to, duration, decimal) { var magicObject; if (typeof magicObject === ‘undefined’) { magicObject = $(’

‘).appendTo(‘body’); } magicObject.css({ position: “fixed”, left: from }).animate({ left: to }, { duration: duration, step: function(currentLeft) { elem.html(Number(currentLeft).toFixed(decimal)); }, complete: function() { magicObject.remove(); } }); };


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