Running Windows 8 on VM on Mac Lion

Running windows 8 on a VM along with Mac Lion.

Thu, 10 Nov 2011


  • Download VirtualBox and install it.
  • Get Microsoft Windows 8 developer edition.
  • The latest VirtualBox has an option to choose Windows 8 as an operating system, so chose it and locate the Windows iso file.

And also i chose local account for installing as i didn’t have Windows Live ID and thought creating a new one might be time consuming.

Thats it.

Windows 8 on Mac

My Thoughts:
So far im not too much convinced about the feel of it. Did try hard to map the multitouch touchpad to windows events, but its not seamless.
The horizontal scrolling of the start page is getting stuck frequently. Apart from the brand new start screen i couldn’t find anything interesting.

Anyways its good to try this stuff.


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