Spring security session timeouts
25 Sep 2016
Setup session timeouts in spring security. This will explain how to setup the idle timeout and also the max timeout for separate sessions.
Integrating Netflix Hystrix to a Spring Application
15 Jul 2014
Hystrix is a latency and fault-tolerance library from Netflix. This post describes how to integrate it with Spring Aspects to make the implementation simpler.
Making HTTPS call using Apache HttpClient.
27 Jun 2014
Perform Https calls from server using Apache HttpClient library.
Gradle, Spring MVC App.
15 Jun 2014
A skeleton sample app demostrating gradle set up with Spring MVC along with basic logging and deployment in tomcat environment.
Setting up Cucumber-jvm
10 Jul 2013
Setting up cucumber BDD framework in your Java project.
Hamcrest conflict in jUnit.
27 Jun 2012
Hamcrest matchers are used in jUnit for assertions. There is a weird problem with the version conflict between Hamcrest and jUnit. The solution is been discussed here.
Handle MaxUpload SizeExceededException in Spring
24 Jun 2012
Handling MaxUploadExceedException in Ajax call with Spring controllers. This exception occurs when the file size greate than what is expected is been uploaded by the user.
Writing Custom Tags for JSTLs
11 Sep 2011
Writing a custom JSTL tag and integrating with the application. A sample code to do the same.
Reloading an activity in Android
13 Jul 2011
Refreshing or reloading activity in Android application. This might be important in the case of refreshing data in the activity.
Configuring Context name for an application
09 Jul 2011
Setting up a different context name than the WAR name for the Java application deployed in Tomcat server.
Primary-key @OneToOne mapping in Hibernate
18 May 2011
Joining two tables using Primary keys in Hibernate.
Hadoop Version in AWS Map Reduce
15 Nov 2010
Performing Map Reduce operation using Amazon AWS interface.
SAX parser characters() method.
07 Oct 2010
Sax Parser, behaviour of characters() method. Sample code in Java.