Set deployed Git revision using Capistrano 3

While deploying Rails application using Capistrano 3, recording the current deployed git revision to be used by Rails applicaiton.

Sun, 03 Jan 2016

We use Capistrano to deploy our Rails application. Recently i upgraded our capistrano version from 2 to 3

Capistrano 3 has a complete DSL changeover. Apart from this one other major change I figured out was the way a Git repository is been deployed.

Previously a Git repository is cloned in the deploy location. Now in Cap 3 a Git archive is been downloaded to the deploy location. This means the deploy directory is no more a Git repository. During Cap 2 times, we used to run a ‘git log’ command in the deployed driectory to find the deployed revision. Now after upgrade I am unable to do this.

Cap 3 has got a REVISION file, which contain the SHA of the deployed commit. This wasn’t useful in our case, as we show this message in our web application.

So i ended up writing a Cap task using a similar logic to create a REVISION file with our custom formatted Git message.

namespace :deploy do
  task :add\_revision\_file do
    on roles(:app) do
      within repo\_path do
        execute(:git, :'log', :"--pretty=format:'%h | %ai | %d %s'", :'-1',
        :"#{fetch(:branch)}", ">#{release\_path}/REVISION")

after 'deploy:updating', 'deploy:add\_revision\_file'

This will overwrite the REVISION file created by Cap with our custom message. Which will be consumed by our application.


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